Aqua Hopscoth I

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Product Overview

Aqua Hopscoth I


Base Material: Stainless Steel / Set on led and sensor cover:  Transperant Plastic

Coating: Powder Coating / with non slip roll-on  layer

Water consumption: 30 -60 gpm / 110-220 lpm

Water pressure: 8-14 psi / 0.6 bar

Aqua Hospcoth: Traditional game to aqua play. Water Splash offers a unique, interactive, fun game. Follow instructions, and touch covers and water spray on.... 

Warranty Information

Water Splash, Inc. guarantees that all our products meet the specifications provided in the installation drawings and offers: 25 YEAR WARRANTY on stainless steel structures and workmanship, stainless steel anchoring systems and aluminum spheres. 5 YEAR WARRANTY on brass parts, spray nozzles and spray openings, high density polyethylene components, polyurethane components, stainless steel automated water distribution manifold, drain boxes, and electrical enclosures. 2 YEAR WARRANTY on coatings, stainless steel hardware and moving parts, fiberglass components, Seeflow polymers, Toe Guards, pipping, fitting, ball valves, pressure guages, terminal blocks, PLC Controller, time switches, manual switches, transformers, breakers, electrical wiring, connections and on recirculation system workmanship. Recirculation system pumps are covered by their Manufacturer. 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all products and parts not listed above. Warranty above is only valid if structures are installed or assembled per Water Splash's installation instructions/drawings maintained according to maintenance manual and procedures. Non subject to misuse, vandalism, operated under normal use as per designed purpose or have not modified/repaired by unauthorized personnel.