FUSE Benches:

The FUSE collection is the result of a collaborative project between SiteScapes and the design visionaries at WERK LLC. Designed as a family of bench products, the FUSE bench incorporates a unique layered end system that translates seamlessly into complimentary bike security racks, receptacles and planters.

FUSE is a simple fusion of materials with a very contemporary feel. The seat surface utilizes Ipe hardwood, while the bench ends, and back are constructed of durable steel plate with rounded contours giving it a very modern figure.


  • Bench Ends- ¼” Laser Cut Steel or Aluminum Plate
  • Seating Surface- 2” x 4” Ipe Hardwood Slates or 2” x 4” Recycled Plastic Slats
  • Backrest- ¼” Laser Cut Steel Plate
  • Mounted w/ Four ½” x 4-5” Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts (Customer Supplied)

Sustainability and LEED:

Fuse benches have recycled material content of 98% of which 81% is post-consumer content. This content may vary based on the product design, product material type, and interchangeable piece parts. All Ipe hardwood is sourced from FSC certified forests. All Styles are 100% recyclable. For more information about SiteScapes sustainable products and policies, please refer to our environmental statement.


Choose six or eight-foot lengths; backed or backless bench; zero or one center armrest; powder-coat or duracoat finish; and color.

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