Grindrail Stairs (square)

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1' 3.75''
0' 1.97''
7' 4.19''

Product Overview

TÜV-certified: Our ramps are built to the most stringent safety norms in the world; the DIN-standards.  Rhino is one of the experts grounding new EN-safety norms for the near future (we are official member of the CEN/TC 136/WG working group in Europe) 

Tested in climate extremes:
 Finland / Sweden - Snow, Ice, Bitter cold; England / Ireland / Scotland - Rain, Damp; Spain / Portugal – Sun, Sand, Salt; Nevada – Desert;  Puerto Rico / Hong Kong – Heat, humidity

Quietest ramps available: Only RHINO ramps have been scientifically tested to a decibel rating below average office noise – 50 decibels.Reference – Sound study

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Technology
: Guarantees a perfect fit every time. No on site modifications required. Reduces installation time.  Every part comes pre-drilled and countersunk.  Consistent quality.  Exact replacement parts always available

Best composite skate surface: 5 year warranty on the product specifications of Rhino Top. Low “Burn Factor”. Waterproof.  Stays cooler than steel. Cutting edge of skate technology (ESPN, X-games, etc.) Impact and gouge resistant (RHINO-top ®) Glasfiber reinforced substrate