Jamison Trench

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Available Sizes::
2" x 18", 75mm x .5m, 4.84" x .5m, 6" x 18", 7" x 36", 12" x 42", 24" x 36"

Product Overview

The result of a productive collaboration with Peter Walker and Partners for use in their award winning Jamison Square, the aptly named Jamison design has been adopted by the design community as the new standard for a high quality, modern, pedestrian friendly trench grate.

Its clean modern rectilinear design of 1/4" openings offset by 3/8" bars seems simple, but belies the deep technical expertise needed to successfully cast this product.

Notable installations include University of Stanford School of Business, Dallas Performing Art Center, York Street in Toronto and many, many others.

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2" x 18" PDF DWG | 75mm x 19.68" (.5m) PDF DWG | 4.84" x 19.68" (.5m) PDF DWG
6" x 18" PDF DWG | 7" x 36" PDF DWG | 12" x 42" PDF DWG
24" x 36" PDF DWG                
Jamison-PA (bars run parallel to trench)
12" x 42" PDF DWG
| 24" x 48" PDF DWG        


Installation Frame Information
Material and Finish Options

Powder Coat Color Chart

Generic CSI Specification 


100% Recycled Grey Iron ǂ, per ASTM A48 class 35b    
Ductile Iron, per ASTM A536, class 65-45-12 
100% Recycled Aluminum, per ASTM B26    
Silicon Bronze, per ASTM B26 
Nickel Bronze, per ASTM B30 

Recycled Content and Origin of Materials Affadavit


Raw Natural Finish ǂ 
Rust Conditioner - Grey and Ductile Iron Only - Additional Information
Polyester Powder Coat - Standard color options
Liquid Coat - Available upon request - Please provide paint color number, system number and manufacturer.
Brush - Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only
Polish -  Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only

ǂ Standard


Angle Covalent Double Wave Fibonacci Flat Rainbow
Grid Jamison Labyrinth Lodestone OPCB
OT OT Title-24 Prospect RC Standard A.D.A
Terrian Title-24 Title Wave Variations Viper