Quarryview Fire Pits:

Quarryview fire pits features planter pedestal bases and are offered in wood burning and fully plumbed propane models. Each pedestal consists of four separate panels using hand laid course of thin veneer which are bonded to a powder coated light weight steel frame. panels are easily assembled by hand and do not require any tools. Quarryview Stonework is perfect for natural settings and pairs with planter beds and foliage.

All Quarryview fire features are designed, engineered and manufactured with 100% non-combustible materials in the body. They can be installed on a flat, level, outdoor non-combustible, flat stable surface or a combustible floor according. Note: Do not place fire pit directly on grass, dirt, or rock this mat prevent proper ventilation. ensure proper water drainage is also incorporated into the fire pit enclosure.

SAFE OPERATION OF THIS PRODUCT IS PARAMOUNT, therefore all burner systems are UL Listed. A comprehensive, 14 page document is included with fire feature upon purchase.

Fire features are shipped with all but two (2) completed connections within the fire feature itself. Installation will require connecting the gas line that leads from the gas valve to the underside of the burner, and the line that leads from the gas valve to your gas supply. Make sure to use PFTE on the threads at these connection(s).

This fire pit requires cross ventilation to ensure no possible build up of gas under the burner. The body of the fire pit was designed with the proper amount of free area to ensure adequate ventilation.


  • One-piece Cast Stone Pedestal Top
  • Natural Hard-stone Masonry Panels
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Frame- 1 1/2" Sq. x 11 Ga. Wall Steel Tubing
  • Steel 20-lb Propane Cylinder (Customer Supplied)

Sustainability and LEED:

Quarryview seating steel tubing framework has a recycled material content of 84% of which 73% is post consumer content. For more information about go to www.sitescapesonline.com


Choose wood burning or propane: 16in, or 20in w/drawer height option; glass color; stone color; and accent color.

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