Quarryview Wood Burning

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QuarryView Stone Pedestal, Wood burning, 16inch fire pit 43"x43"x18" 600#
QuarryView Stone Pedestal, Wood burning, 20inch fire pit 43"x43"x23" 650#

Product Overview

QuarryView wood burning fire pits features masonry planter pedestal bases and include a stainless steel bowl for embers. Each pedestal consists of four separate panels using hand laid courses of thin veneer which are bonded to a powder coated light weight steel frame. Panels are easily assembled by hand and do not require any tools. QuarryView Stonework is perfect for natural settings and pairs great with planter beds and foliage.

All QuarryView fire features are designed, engineered and manufactured with 100% non-combustible materials in the body. They can be installed on a flat, stable surface away from any combustible materials. Install fire feature on any level, outdoor non-combustible, flat stable surface or a combustible floor according. NOTE: Do not place fire pit directly on grass, dirt, or rocks this may prevent proper ventilation. Ensure proper water drainage is also incorporated into the fire pit enclosure.


Panels are easily assembled by hand and do not require any tools.

quarryview-001.jpg quarryview-002.jpg


  • One-piece Cast Stone Pedestal Top
  • Natural Hardstone Masonry Panels
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Frame- 1 1/2" Sq. x 11 Ga. Wall Steel Tubing
  • Foot Plates- 1/4" x 1 1/2" Stainless Steel with 9/16" Mounting Holes
  • Mounted w/ Four 1/2" x 4-5" Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts (Customer Supplied)


Choose wood burning, propane, or natural gas, 16in. or 20in. height; optional slide out drawer for 20 in. models; choose stone; and accent color.

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Quarryview Wood Burning Fire Feature
Model No. Description Dimensions Weight Downloads
QV7-1000 Quarryview Stone Pedestal, Wood burning, 16in. Fire Pit 43"x43"x18" 600# PDF DWG
QV7-1100 Quarryview Stone Pedestal, Wood Burning, 20in. Fire Pit 43"x43"x23" 650# PDF DWG


Quarryview seating steel tubing framework has a recycled material content of 84% of which 73% is post consumer content. For more information about SiteScapes sustainable products and policies, please refer to our Environmental Statement.

Quarryview stone information is detailed and provided by Eldorado Stone. Download Eldorado Stone Leed Information for details.

CAUTION! Media such as (i.e. lava rock, lava stones, lava boulders) has the potential of thermal spalling. This is a process that may occur when media is wet and moisture gets trapped inside of the material due to rapid temperature differences. When this happens the media has the potential to crack or “pop” outside the fire feature. 


The use of a cover can lessen the impact of thermal spalling; however, heavy rains, high humidity and the presence of moisture may still cause the media to pop. 


Extra caution should be taken when lighting a fire feature when heavy rains, high humidity and moisture are present. Light the fire feature; leave the area allowing any moisture in the media to dissipate. We strongly recommend that during this drying out time that you monitor the fire feature from a distance. This drying out period should be no less than 30 minutes. Continue monitoring the flame from distance to ensure that all popping has ceased before fully enjoying the fire.