Skate Park Equipment


More than 10 years ago, Rhino set the standard for composite skate ramp construction. Now after years of experience, Rhino has developed the perfect combination of skating performance and product durability.

Their composite construction gives the skaters the solid ride and feel they require to pursue their sport. Their galvanised and stainless steel finish delivers the low maintenance and long life that public works projects demand from the toughest neighbourhoods to the most extreme climates of the world.

RHINO uses only the highest quality materials available to construct the most solid and durable ramps in the market.


12.png Years warranty on RHINOTOP composite skate surface. 

18.png Years RHINO has been producing world class skate parks.

35.png Countries where you can find RHINO skate parks.

1050.png Sun panels avoid 130.000kg CO2 per annum.

2000.png RHINO skate parks world wide.

fact-right-1.png All RHINO components are 100% recyclable and produced with 100% green energy.

fact-right-2.png TUV certified to EN standards.

fact-right-3.png Worlds quitest ramps. Scientifically tested to a decibel rating below average office noise 50 db.




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